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EverBright Mirror Film Anti-Soiling
Comparison to 4-mm Silvered Glass Mirrors
All specimens cleaned three times.
Day 7: high pressure water spray
Day 28: water faucet, 20 seconds
Day 40: soap/water/cloth              

Average soiling rate cut in half!

Spectral Reflectance

Standard Aluminized Film                                     Silvered Film


Silvered film is under development.

Abrasion Resistance Test (ASTM D2486)
10,000 wet scrub cycles using nylon brush (40-yr equivalent of cleaning)
  Result: < 1% drop in specular reflectance

Humidity/Freeze Testing (IEC 620180)

65degC & 85%RH cycled to -40deg C (20 cycles)
Pass: No affect


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