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Our History, Our Expertise
Sundog Solar Technology specializes in reflective films designed for long life in outdoor environments.
Solar Reflectors

Solar reflectors concentrate sunlight to enable more efficient use of the sun's abundant energy. Reflective films are lightweight, enabling cost effective solar concentrator designs. Since reflective film is flexible, the concentrators are unbreakable.


The surface of EverBright Mirror Film is highly abrasion-resistant. Clean it with a pressurized water spray or with water and a brush. And now EverBright Mirror Film has a hydrophobic surface coating that resists soiling and stays cleaner. Soiling rates are halved compared to glass mirrors.

Solar Concentrating Systems

Sundog Solar Technology has deep experience with the solar reflectors and systems. 

1970's: Honeywell Inc, General Offices HQ

           Heating and cooling, Minneapolis, MN


1980's: Industrial Solar Technology

           Process heat, Tehachapi CA

2000s: Solargenix 64 MW Nevada Solar One

          Power generation, Boulder City NV


2010: SkyFuel Inc

          Power generation,

          Medicine Hat Canada


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