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EverBright Mirror Film: Now with Anti-Soiling Properties!
EverBright is an outdoor-weatherable high-performance mirror film.
EverBright has high solar reflectance and is highly specular.
EverBright has a tough abrasion-resistant coating -- scrub friendly!
EverBright has a hydrophobic surface to resist soiling and stay cleaner.
EverBright comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive and removable release liner.
EverBright can be laminated to aluminum or steel substrates.

EverBright comes in 55-inch widths, on rolls from 250 ft to 1000 ft.

      Roll Sizes                   Price ($ USD) 
55-inch x 250 ft                     $ 920
55-inch x 1000 ft                   $3,500
Custom sized rolls are also available --
just let us know what is best for you.


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